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Whether you’re concerned with the protection of your family’s health and possessions, or you need to shield your business from risk, we are looking to build a lasting relationship with you, as we strongly believe in acting according to how we’d like the world to be. As an independent insurer, we are especially situated to find the best plan and the best price for your unique needs. No matter where in Ohio you’re located, we’re excited to start building a relationship with you today.

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Todd Dodovich

I was born in Stow, Ohio, and raised by my amazing parents, Jim and Sandi. Once I was out of high school, I wanted to experience more of the world, so I moved out to Las Vegas, and also began traveling the country. Being a huge fan of sports, I mostly gravitated towards sporting arenas and stadiums to watch games, and I eventually started a business offering autographed sports memorabilia I collected along the way. In 2007, my father and I also started an insurance agency in Las Vegas, and while I greatly valued the insurance knowledge and experience that brought, I always knew I wanted to come back home to the place I truly love. I started this business to help Ohioans protect their assets, property, and workplaces so they can focus their attention on the truly valuable things in life; family, friends, and the times we spend with them.

Tribute To Sandi Dodovich: Loving Mother, Wife, and Friend

Sandi Dodovich: Loving Wife, Mother, and Friend

I could not have started this business without all the wisdom, support, and love that my mother, Sandi, provided me throughout my life. Some years ago, she began to show signs of mental deterioration, and was eventually diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Because this disease affects so many of us, and because I owe so much to my mother, I am doing my part to fight back by donating a percentage of profits towards research so one day no one need experience the pain this disease can inflict.